We would rate the Festival as “mostly accessible” with limitations primarily due to the terrain. We’ve done what we could to mitigate those limitations so that everyone can enjoy the events!
  • We have a large parking lot (the entire paved lot in front of the Sponsor Hall) as all reserved for handicap parking.
  • Once inside the main gate, a lot of the Highlands (the upper area) is paved and flat with easy access to music and dance stages and multiple food and beverage vendors and  reserved portajohns.
  • Most of the merchandise vendors and upper clans/society/organizations/kids area are on adjacent grass, but it’s flat and fairly easy to navigate.
  • Then there is a fairly steep hill down to the lower areas, a bit tough to navigate on grass. We have a separate gate (in the parking lot behind the Volunteer Hall) just to provide more accessible access (all on pavement) to the Lowlands once you have your wristband from the Main Gate.
  • Once you get down the hill, everything is again moderately flat with ready access to stage/food/beverage/vendors/reserved portajohn but almost all grass.

Here is a map of the general layout:


Downloadable pdf: MMCF_2018_SketchMap