Beer Tastings

We are excited to announce the revamping of a favorite event for the June 16, 2018 Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival:

Join Guinness Brewery Ambassadors and take a journey through the vast history of  Guinness (a Royal Sponsor of the Festival). This will include a tasting of beers old and new from the Guinness Brewery and details about the new brewery opening soon in Baltimore!

We would love you to join us for an inside look into one of the world’s most legendary and iconic breweries.

Tastings will be near the Lower Field Beer truck near the Guinness Pub Stage!

So what’s different? Thanks to the generosity of Guinness the 2018 tastings no longer require a ticket!!!

Since 100% of the Beer Tasting proceeds go directly to our Veterans Charity and there are no ticket sales, we do request that you make a donation ($5 suggested) at the Tasting to  the 2018 charity Hero Dogs   !

All you need is your General Admission ticket to get into the Festival and you can drop in anytime from 11am to 4pm to join a tasting!!!

For more information about the new Guinness offerings see:  1695 GUINNESS Portfolio of Beer



Guinness Draught Stout is one of the world’s great pub beers, which is
exactly what it was brewed to be. F or our first 200 years, most Guinness
was sold by the bottle, but in the 1950s there was increasing demand for
a draught version of Guinness. However , our stout was far too lively to be
dispensed with standard C0 2. So after nearly 10 years of research led by
mathematician-turned-brewer Michael Ash, Guinness developed a way to
draught beer using nitrogen.

This nitrogen infusion is what gives Draught Stout its legendary head,
creamy mouth feel, balanced flavour and dazzling surge-and-settle
effect. The taste is characterized by a perfect mix of malty sweetness,
hop bitterness and notes of dark coffee and chocolate.

All the qualities of the world’s first nitrogenated beer are also available
by can, thanks to another Guinness invention called ‘the widget’ – a tiny
sphere filled with nitrogen that releases upon opening.

Draught Stout is brewed with malted Irish barley , unmalted roasted Irish
barley and a proprietary blend of bittering hops added twice in the boil. All
Guinness barley is roasted in-house at St. James’s Gate. To our knowledge
we are the only brewer in the world to roast our own barley .
Style: Dry Stout | 4.2% ABV | 40 IBUs | 38 SRM
Brewed at St. James’s Gate, Dublin.

More about the Draught Stout: Guinness Draught Brand Fact Sheet


Up Close and Drinkable

Smithwick’s was originally brewed in St.
Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, known
as “Smithwick’s Brewery” until c. 2000. The
brewery is situated on the site of a Franciscan
abbey, where monks had brewed ale since the
14th century, and it has ruins of the original
abbey on its grounds.

Malted Barley, Roasted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water
Smithwick’s has an off-white, creamy head, and an inviting,
deep chestnut color that’s brilliantly clear.
ABV 4.5% IBU 20 SRM 12.8

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: One sniff of Smithwick’s, and you’re hit with a very light
caramel and orange marmalade scent. Those sweet notes
balance an edge of campfire smoke with fresh citrus and
floral hop presence from late additions to the boil.
Flavor: This balanced ale delivers a ton of flavor from its
promise in aroma and tastes as good as it smells—
a complex balance of fruity, spicy and malty with
dry, biscuity and clean all in one very versatile beer.

Refreshing and clean, with a gentle balance of bitterness
from the hops added early in the boil, sweet, malty notes
from the ale malt and a hint of roast coffee from the
roasted barley, for a final linger on the tongue.

More about Smithwick’s: Smithwick’s Fact Sheet


We Irish and our beer have been coming to America for
centuries, so we thought it was about time to brew an Irish
American beer. The Brewers P roject came up with this
lager by ‘training’ our Guinness ale yeast to brew a golden
lager, to which we added American hops. Then we reached
out to our friends in Latrobe, P ennsylvania to do the
brewing. This lager is characterized by a rich biscuity taste
countered by citrus hoppy notes and a crisp finish.

Guinness Blonde American lager is brewed with 1 00%
malted barley, including a complement of crystal malt
for complexity and richness. Three hops from the P acific
Northwest – Willamette, Mount Hood and Mosaic TM – are
added at the very end of the boil to create a balanced
aroma of citrus, resin and woody notes.

Style: American Blonde Lager | 5% ABV | 21 IBUs | 8 SRM
Brewed in Latrobe, P A.


Music to Your Tastebuds

Uses a special “wet milling” process that combines
the finest Irish lager malts and pure water at the
first stage of the brewing process. Harp® Lager’s pale malt flavor compliments fruits, while
its dry, crisp hops accentuates spicey flavors. Serve with fried
foods; creamy soups and sauces; light fish and shellfish;
mild cheeses; Italian, Mexican, Indian, Cajun, Southwest
and Asian dishes.

100% Irish Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water
Golden and brilliantly clear.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: A subtle grainy sweetness with hints of lemon citrus.
Flavor: A dry, malty front slowly gives way to a crisp and dry
hoppy finish with notes of green apple and pear. A
pleasant, buttery, sweet aroma. Crisp and dry, finishes
remarkably smooth.
ABV 4.5% IBU 21 SRM 3.3

More about HARP: Harp Fact Sheet

GUINNESS® Irish Wheat

 Welcome to Ireland’s sunny side. Far away from the salty sea coastline, the Irish Midlands were the prime spot to grow the wheat for the first ever beer to use 100% Irish wheat malt. Golden in color, with a hint of spicy clove and citrus, Irish Wheat is a clean and lively wheat beer that’s perfect for any occasion.

Aroma: Cloves with a hint of banana and citrus

Flavor: Clean, low bitterness with a subtle clove and banana flavor and a hint of zesty citrus

Palate: Clean, refreshing taste with full body

ABV: 5.3%

Appearance: Light, golden with a typical wheat haze

Hops: Mount Hood & Amarillo