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Greetings Celtic Clans and Societies!

Our Society is pleased to invite you to participate in the 18th Annual Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival.

The festival will be on Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 9:00am until 6:00pm at the Mount Airy Fire Department Carnival Grounds, located at 1003 Twin Arch Road, Mount Airy, MD, 21771.

2018 Clan Registration Form



February 1, 2018 for AGM

            March 1, 2018 for rentals (limited supply of tents, first-come, first-served)

            May 4, 2018 for FINAL DATE FOR REGISTRATION

Support Our Designated Charity- Hero Dogs:  Please think about supporting Hero Dogs, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for our nation’s heroes by raising, training, and placing service dogs and other highly skilled canines, free of charge with lifetime support of the partnerships, with a donation via the festival with your registration.

Registration: The basic registration fee is $60.00. The Clan Registration Package: includes 10’x10’ space, two name badges for two named Clan Representatives for access to the festival grounds (with badge), access to the VIP Hall (with badge) on festival day, one parking pass for designated parking on festival day, and the Friday Night Open House. The VIP Hall features light refreshments and indoor plumbing.

There is no admission charge for children 12 years old and under.

AGM at the Festival: Consider holding your AGM at the festival. We will provide a 10’x20’ space in a prime location of your choice and 10 regular festival day admission tickets for your fellow Clansmen ($100 value) at no additional charge beyond the basic registration fee.

If you are interested, please let us know by February 1, 2018.

Tent Rentals: This year rental tent set-up will be handled by our rental company. Cost will be $100. There are a limited number of tents available so first-come-first-served. Deadline for tent rental is March 1, 2018. All rentals are final; there are no refunds.


Festival Information Package: You will receive your festival information package in the mail (e.g., general information, festival map, wristbands, etc.)  There will be a drive-thru check-in area for all Clans to be sure you have everything you need and to get you to your location

Friday, June 15: Information and Schedule

Directions: The festival is located just off Interstate 270. Exit at route 27 north and proceed about a mile then make a right turn on Twin Arch Road followed by an almost immediate right turn into the fairgrounds.

Lodging: Our Host Hotel is the Clarion Inn and Conference Center located at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, MD, and is where our entertainers and athletes will be staying.  There are many other hotels nearby, please see our website:

Setup You may set up on Friday, June 15th between 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Friday Night Open House: Join us for an informal ceilidh-like get-together featuring light refreshments, music, and dancing on Friday night from 6pm – 8pm at the VIP Hall on the festival grounds. You must RSVP via the registration form as we must have an accurate count for the Open House in advance.


Saturday, June 16: Information and Schedule

     Parking: There is designated on-site parking for one vehicle per clan. You will receive one parking pass to display in your windscreen. There is additional close-by parking available for other Clansmen. There are a limited number of Handicapped spaces available so please note that on your registration form if needed.

    Setup You may set up on Saturday from 6:00 am – 8:30 am. All vehicles must be off the grounds by 8:30am. No exceptions.

Festival  Day Activities for Clans and Societies:

Parade of the Clans and Societies:  Show off your Clan or Society tartan and banners in the Open Ceremony Parade and shout your motto or ‘war cry’ as you pass the announcer—even Clan Woof-Woof joins in to march onto the field for the Opening Ceremony. Clans will march on then march off the field. More details later.

Best Clan Tent: Each year the Best Clan tent is selected and the Clan receives a most coveted prize. Will your Clan tent be the Best?

Festival Square: Was such a success last year we are doing it again! An open space for pipe band performances and other activities right in your backyard!

3rd Annual Shortbread Competition: This was great fun last year with 25 entries so you will not want to miss it this year.  Prizes and bragging rights! See our website for more information.

  Sponsor an Athletic Trophy or Division Award: This year we have two ways to recognize our athletes who are the heart and soul of the Highland Games.  Clans may sponsor a trophy ($50) or a Division ($100).

Children’s Area: A BIG thank you to Scots for Tots for bringing the kid-sized games to our festival for many years. We will miss you!

Please give a warm welcome to Clan Leatherneck who has stepped up to run the Wee Games.  And the wee ones will be out searching so be sure to have your Clan stamp ready to stamp their paper!

   Dogs: Your furry friends are permitted if they are on a leash, well behaved, and have tags validating they have had the required shots.  Remember you must clean up after them. Doggie ‘poop’ bags are available.

A downloadable version of the information on this webpage is available here: 2018 Clan Invitation Letter

We look forward to greeting you at the festival!!

 2017’s Honored Clan

Clan Fergusson Society

The name Fergusson and its history spreads from Antrim in northeastern Ireland to the shores of Dalriada under Fergus mor Mac Erc, into the Highlands and to Dunkeld. Through emigration, either forced or voluntary, the name Ferguson and its rich heritage have travelled throughout the world.

As with world history much of the Clan Fergusson history has been lost through time and The Fergustranslation. It is generally believed all Fergussons claim descent from a very early king of the Scots, Fergus mor MacErc. The “Scotti” were well established in Dalriada (Argyllshire and the islands of Jura, Islay and Iona) by 500 A.D. The Scots spread from Ireland in the third century throughout “Caledonia” leavening the country around the ancient seats on the Tay and the Earn, spreading into Carrick and Galloway. According to Mediaeval historians Fergus was the founder of the Scottish monarchy.

Ayrshire and Dumfries Fergussons alike claim descent from Fergus, Prince of Galloway. The grandfather of Duncan Earl of Carrick and in turn great-great-grandfather to Robert Bruce, Fergus, restored the see of Whithorn and founded the Abbey of Dundrennan during the reign of David I and Malcolm IV. He died as a monk at Holyrood in 1161. Through Robert Bruce passes the line of the Royal Family of Great Britain.

It was the 1st Earl of Carrick’s signature that might suggest the origins of the Fergusson surname, Duncan, son of Gilbert, the son of Fergus, hence MacFhearguis. The Gaelic spelling has been corrupted through tranlation into the forms, MacFergus, MacFerries, and MacFerris. Since the “f” and “g” are silent in the old language such variations as MacErries, MacHerries, MacKerras (especially common in Argyll and Australia) and even MacIrish were formed.

The Anglicised “Fergusson” was widely used by the reign of James IV. The shortened form of the name with the single “s” was initiated by record clerks before the 1600’s. The common spelling of the day was “Fergussoun” and by the reign of Charles II, “Fergussone.” In the modern era the Ayrshire, Dumfries, Argyll, and Perthshire families have retained the double “s” while those of Fife, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Ireland have the single “Ferguson.”

We know with certainty that by the 13th century there were men in widely separated districts of Scotland which called themselves “sons of Fergus.” It is recorded in the “Annals of Ulster” there was in 1216 a day of disaster to the “Clan Fergusa” at the hand of the Mormaer of Lennox’s son. Through the passing of the ages however the particulars of the story have been lost.

In one of the oldest documents of Scottish history, the Irish “Tract of the Men of Albyn” ours is the only modern clan listed. Two offshoots of “Clan Fergusa” from the Royal Race are mentioned. It is thought that from these offshoots comes the possible origin of regional Kilkerran: Ancestral Home separations of Fergusson. Thus lending explaination as to why the Aberdeenshire, Atholl and Ayreshire clans are under the arms of the boars head and the Dumfries and Galloway Fergussons are found with the lion rampant arms.

Robert Bruce granted certain lands in Ayrshire to Fergus MacFergus, and in 1466 John Fergusson resigned a portion of his estate to Fergus Fergusson (of Kilkerran), his son, and Janet Kennedy, his wife. From this line stems Sir Charles Fergusson, 9th Baronet, and Baron of Kilkerran who holds the undifferenced arms as Chief of the Name.


2016’s Honored Clan:

Clan Cameron

Since the late nineteenth century the Clan Cameron Association has been the
modern-day representation of the Clan Cameron. Dedicated to
the preservation and promotion of our collective heritage, and
fully supported by our Hereditary Chief, Donald Cameron of
Lochiel, XXVII of Lochiel, thousands of individuals and families
worldwide are proud members. Many continue the tradition
their ancestors began, and are multi-generational members. 

Is your family part of Clan Cameron? Check here:

2017’s Participating Clans:

Clan Bell    Cameron_mod Clan Cameron

  Clan Campbell Society     Cumming-Modern-8oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg   Clan Cumming USA

Donald-BA064T  Clan Donald  donnaClan Donnachaidh                

Clan Elliot Society      0337k5FergusonofAtholClan Fergusson Society

gordonHouse of Gordon   Clan Grant

  gregor Clan Gregor

 Hannay tartan Clan Hannay     Hay_Clan_Tartan_WR1555  Clan Hay

henderson  Clan Henderson Clan Irwin

  Clan Keith    Kerr-Ancient-8oz-wool-tartan-swatch_lg Kerr Family Association

 Clan Leask

macdougall Clan MacDougall    Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

Macleanduartred.26482819_std Clan MacLean

MacPherson__Reproduction_Colours_Pure_New_Wool_15Clan MacPherson        mackay20tartanClan MacKay

Clan MacKenzie/Virginia Academy of FencingLogo image

maclar Clan MacLaren Society           MacKintosh_tartan_(Vestiarium_Scoticum)  Clan Mackintosh

 montgomery Clan Montgomery

      Clan Scott     clanshawtartan Clan Shaw Society               

  Clan Sinclair     Wallace_tartan_(Vestiarium_Scoticum)Clan Wallace Society- Worldwide 

297486_275557175809096_243857983_n Welsh Society

2017’s Participating Societies

standrewsbaltSaint Andrews Society of Baltimore


Society for Creative Anachronism

    Knights of St. Andrew

SAMS BADGE Scottish-American Military Society

Gaelic School of Baltimore

1000px-AOH_Logo_2001.svgAncient Order of Hibernians

Principality of the Asturias flagAsturias Celtic Society

Virginia Scottish Games Association

The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland, Southern Maryland Celtic Festival


Garrett County Celtic Festival


Previous Honored Clans

2003 Clan Barclay/Barkley 2004 Clan Young  youngfamily

2005 Clan CameronCameron_mod 2006 Clan Gordon gordon

2007 Clan Lindsay The Modern Lindsay tartan 2008 Clan MacLeod macleod2

2009 Clan MacDougall macdougall_clan_tartan 2010 Clan Wallace Wallace_tartan_(Vestiarium_Scoticum)

2012 Clan Wallace* Wallace_tartan_(Vestiarium_Scoticum)  2013 Clan Donnachaidh donna

2014 Clan MacKenzie 2015 Clan Menzies MenziesHuntingMHW1644

Best Clan Tent

2016  Clan MenziesMenziesHuntingMHW1644

2015  House of Gordon gordon

2012 O’Brien 2225o_brien_name_


g*Wallace repeated due to inclement weather in 2010

Please contact the Festival Committee or see the Clan /Society  registration form  if you would like to represent your Clan or Society at the 2015 Celtic Festival.