Living History

May 13, 2017

We have many demonstrators and non-profits on hand every year! Make sure you check out all the living history displays, as well as our neighboring non-profit organizations.



The Barony of Highland Foorde
The Kingdom of Atlantia
Society for Creative Anachronism

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a nonprofit, educational group devoted to recreating the Middle Ages in the present time. The Barony of Highland Foorde, a local branch of this society, encompasses Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett counties in the beautiful rolling foothills of central Maryland’s Blue Ridge mountains. Our SCA branch name, Highland Foorde, derives from these foothills and from the fast-flowing Potomac River that borders our Barony to the south.

Barony of Highland Foorde: Demonstration of Daily life, Social Hierarchy (Gentry, Nobility, Royalty), Crafting, and Martial Combat

ap_rgt charlie

Appin Regiment: The Appin Regiment  portrays the Stewarts of Appin, a group of Scottish Highlanders, in the period of 1745-1746. Members of the Jacobite army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart(Stewart), the Appin Stewarts played a key role in the last and most widely known Jacobite uprisings in Scotland, which culminated in the disastrous battle on Culloden Moor on 16 April, 1746.

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21st Independent Parachute Company, 1st Air Borne Division, WWII: British Airborne Pathfinder Unit in period uniforms demonstrate weapons and equipment


Combined Operations Living History Association: Daily life of British Arm Commando (Scottish and Irish Regiments) during WWII

The Scythe Man – Alfonzo Diaz: Demonstrations of  mowing grass using the ancient scythe

(Demonstrations in the Lowlands along the fence line near the Dog Events… see more at  )

Virginia Fencing School: Historical fencing demonstration with Scottish Highland Broadsword and German Longsword

(Check the signs for demonstrations near the Clan tents)