Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) May 13, 2017

Downloadable PDF: Festival  FAQs_2017

Questions about “Essentials

Q: Where are the toilets?   

A: Highlands: Near the Dance Stage; past Festival Square

Lowlands: On the  right of the huge white tent with the Pub Stage; past the food vendors.

 Q: Where are the Handicapped (HC) toilets?

A:  There are HC toilets located with the regular toilets.

Q: Where is First Aid?

A: Near the Admission Gate, across from the Acoustic Stage, next to the Quilts of Valor booth.

Q: What do I do in the case of medical emergency?

A: Call 911 and then alert (call, text, radio) Marianne, Denise, or closest festival staff  wearing turquoise shirts.



Money Matters  $$$$$$

 Q: Do the Beer Stations take credit cards?

A: NO, but there are two ATMS. One near the VIP Hall (outside the gate) and one near the Acoustic Stage (near the gate)

Q: Are there ATMs here?

A:  Yes, one near the VIP Hall (outside the gate) and one near the Acoustic Stage (near the gate)

Q: Do vendors take credit cards?

A; Some do and some do not. There are ATMs; one near the VIP Hall (outside the gate) and one near the Acoustic Stage (near the gate)



Food and Drink    

Q: Where is the beer? wine? whisky? mead? cider?

A:  In the Highlands, the Beer Pavilion located just behind the Admission Gate; across from the Acoustic Stage

In the Lowlands, look for the Beer Tent next to the huge white tent with the Pub Stage

Q: Where is the Whisky tasting?

A:  Next to the Admission Gate and the Quilts of Valor (Highlands)

Q: Where can I buy just water?

A: In addition to some food vendors there are just water locations:


– Outlander tent near the Dancer Stage

–  SASMM Tent next to the Admission Gate


– Water Vendor tent next to the light pole near the trees

– Scottish American Military Society (SAMS) left of Games Field

– Dog area on the right side of the Games Field

 Q: Where can I buy food and beverages?

A: Highlands: In long pavilion past the music stage and also just past the Beer Pavilion.

Lowlands: In between the Games  Field and the huge white tent


General Festival Information

Q: Where is a program or schedule?

A:  At the Greeter Tent just behind the Admission Gate. Schedules are also posted at the various stages.  And there is a QR code!

Q: Where is the Kid’s area?

A:  In the Highlands, just past Festival Square. Look for the sign!

Q: What time is the Opening Ceremony?

A: 12 noon on the Games Field (Lowlands)

Q: Where is the Pub Tent or Main Stage?

A:  Lowlands; see the huge white tent past the only four trees

Q: Where is Lost and Found?

A:  SASMM Tent, next to the Admission Gate

Q: Where are the Dog Events?

A: Lowlands to the right of the Games Field

Q: Where is the Outlander Tent?

A: In the Highlands, next to the Dance Stage, just past Festival Square

Q: Can I park in the Handicapped parking if I just want to be closer to the festival and do not want to walk.

A: No, HC parking is only for those who have HC placards or plates displayed.

Q: Where is motorcycle parking?

A: Motorcycles may park on the tarmac at the end of the Car Show area; near the fence. Please DO not block the emergency exit.

 Q: Where is bicycle parking?

A: There are no racks for bicycle parking; bikes may be fastened to the white posts surrounding the grounds.

Q: Where is the Shuttle Bus stop?

A: In front of the VIP Hall, the big building next to the Entrance Gate.


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