Jerry Witzman


Jerry Witzman


 Stafford VA


City  of Birth:  Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi


 Occupation:  Field Operations Manager, Verizon


 Marital Status: Married 20 years to the beautiful Barbara


Children: Silke (17)  and Liesel (15)


Favorite Heavy Athletic Event:  Light Hammer and Light Weight for Distance


Personal Records in Heavy Athletics: 


Breamar Stone 24’-8”


Open Stone 34’-4”


HWFD (56 lb) 21’-10.5”


LWFD 47’-7”


HH 61’-10”


LH 81’-3”


Sheaf 24’-0”


WOB (56 lb) 10’-0”




  • Favorite NFL team is the New Orleans Saints
  • Started competing in the heavy athletics in 2008.
  • Competed at the Masters World Championships in 2012 in Greenville SC.
  • Planning to complete in the Masters World Championships in 2013 in Albuquerque NM.
  • A black belt in Isshinryu Karate and I also teach at the dojo while still continuing to study.
  • Enjoy playing competitive volleyball
  • Enjoy motorcycle riding.