John Collins


John Collins

Rockville, MD

City of Birth:  Clinton, MD

Occupation:   Business Development for a Government Contractor

Current Marital Status:  Married to Bria Collins

Child::  Hunter Samuel Collins, age 2 ½ months

Favorite Heavy Athletic Event:  The sheaf!

Personal Records in Heavy Athletics: 

Stone – 51’3”

HWFD – 40’3”
LWFD – 76’

HH – 103’

LH – 127’

Sheaf – 34’

WOB – 15’6”

Caber – flipped it!


Famous for local kickball prowess and former kickball league champions.  

Former University of MD Men’s Track and Field team captain and All-ACC athlete at ACC Championships for both indoor and outdoor track. (2004), All-East competitor at the IC4A indoor track championships in 2004 for the 35 lb Weight.   2nd all time at U of Maryland for the collegiate hammer throw.     5th all time for the 25 lb weight.

Can eat 6 crackers in under a minute without assistance of water or any liquid.  

Also has bested the cinnamon challenge of eating a whole tablespoon at once. 

Seamster- Very proficient at sewing and mending clothes.   Regularly sews up and patches worn clothing rather than having to buy new attire.  

Favorite athlete is BJ Ketchum because he is a little fighter and full of panache.  

Dogs are an Olde English Bulldogge named Ruby and a Miniature Pinscher named Miley. 

Signature dish is homemade enchiladas.