The Scythe Man

The Scythe Man

A man, a blade and a field


Alfonso Diaz grew up in an area of spectacular green valleys in the north of Spain (Asturias, a Celtic region), where the predominately rural farming community still uses scythes nearly year round.

He started mowing with a scythe on his family’s farm when  he was about 8 or 9 years old and helped his father mow hay and grass for the cows, clear brush and maintain the fields throughout the year.


There, every year they celebrate the end of the mowing season—the last weekend of August. Among numerous rural contests are the showcase mowing and peening competitions.  Alfonso has competed since he was was 14 years old and has won several mowing and peening contests.

We are excited to have him at the Festival, not only representing the Asturias Society  but also giving Scything demonstrations (down near the dog events area) at 1o:30am and 2:30pm!

For more information check out Alfonso at The Scythe Man